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The WHITEsmile LIGHT WHITENING AC with active chlorophyll combines 20 years of experience in tooth whitening of WHITEsmile with the latest technology. Chlorophyll in plants absorbs light and converts it into oxygen and energy. LIGHT WHITENING AC uses this effect and is setting new standards for in-office tooth whitening. Suitable for medical indications in vital and non-vital teeth which are discolorated from a disease, trauma or medical treatments.

LIGHT WHITENING AC provides even better whitening results by greatly reducing the yellowness in combination with lowest sensitivities. Suitable for medical indications in vital and non-vital teeth.

LIGHT WHITENING AC was developed with the Whitening Lamp 2.

Available only at dentists and with medical indication.

The advantages of the system:

Optimal whitening results: Effective tooth whitening in 3 x 20 minutes with significant reduction of yellow pigments.

Gentle and pleasant: In clinical trials more than 90% of patients had no sensitivity, and less than 10% only very low sensitivities.

Safe procedure: Gel is only heated up to body temperature. Blue LED light in the visible wavelength range.