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It is also possible to whiten your teeth in the comfort of your own home. This involves custom made tooth whitening trays and whitening kits that containing a safe bleaching gel.

Teeth bleaching gels for home use are usually of thick viscosity, pleasant tasting and contain carbamide peroxide at different concentrations.

This involves two short visits: Visit 1. Is for a professional clean and for taking impressions for the custom fabricated trays. Visit 2. Is to pick up your custom made bleaching trays and take home bleaching agent.

With take home whitening you can choose to do a 1 hour treatment per day or an overnight treatment where you sleep with the whitening trays overnight for 4 consecutive nights. Over the four night span or 1 hour a day use you will find your teeth to be up to 5 shades lighter.

The take home whitening means that you can whiten your teeth at your own convenience; yet still see fantastic results