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About Dr.Mohammed's Dental Center



Dr.Mohammed Jawad Al Alawi Dental Center was established in 2009 and started its operations in 2010.

An outstanding advanced and experienced dental clinic, located in Kingdom of Bahrain. Using the latest in dental care technologies, and most recent evolution in Pain Free Treatments, in a Spa like atmosphere that promises our patient’s a remarkable Pain Free Treatment experience.

Our team of professional highly educated, and reputable specialized Doctors will guarantee you a unique experience and outstanding results, supported by a team of well trained staff.

You will always be welcomed with a smile, and guaranteed to leave with a brighter one.

Our clinic strives for the best services and the best prices out of the hands of doctors specialized we offer all kinds of services required treatment or in the field of cosmetic teeth and treat. We are provide scaling and polishing , Ortho, and bleaching zoom device.